Laboratorio is a clothing brand from FLORIPA, Brazil and it has a very Brazilian dna. We create feminine clothes by mixing the relaxed essence of the Floripa island through vibrant and exclusive prints, with impeccable cuts, patterns and finishings. We are concerned about the sustainability of the clothes we make and the social environment we are part of, from the moment we choose the materials, to creating pieces that are timeless, classic and well made. We create products to be used for a long time and purchased by conscious clientes who value quality over quantity as much as ethics. 

Laboratorio was born in 2008 with a bamboo sock collection that was sold in boutiques in the South of Brazil, USA and England. The founder of the brand, Gilmara Puff, returned to Floripa after 10 years abroad where she studied Fashion in France and worked for Ligne Artisanale of Maison Martin Margiela. After a pause, the brand is relaunched in 2016, and introduces capsule collections of classic and timeless pieces, all made with natural fibers and produced locally. The brand is sold in boutiques like Sta Casa of Mercado São Jorge, collab stores and online.